Gissendanner Law Firm – Sebring, Florida Attorney

Buddy Gissendanner is dedicated criminal defense attorney working in one of the most demanding and high profile criminal law areas available, drug crimes. As common as this issue may be on the evening news, drug crimes still gather significant attention because there is so much focus on them from law enforcement and government. As a result, adequate criminal defense is particularly important to make sure people’s rights in the criminal process systems are not overlooked to reach political goals.

Mr. Gissendanner graduated from Stetson University College of Law and has been a practicing defense attorney in both Florida state courts as well as the 1st Circuit Courts as a supervising public defender. He is also a graduate of the University of South Florida with a concentration in computer technology.

With a experience depth in multiple court systems, Mr. Gissendanner can provide clients facing drug crime charges a unique defense service. His knowledge of the court system, law enforcement agencies, and judges provides a significant advantage for his clients, allowing Mr. Gissendanner to navigate the system far better than an outside defense attorney could do. Since more than half of a case is often decided in the procedural phases, local court knowledge and process familiarity is critical in boosting a client’s success chances. Mr. Gissendanner works as both a Highlands County criminal defense lawyer and a Hardee County criminal defense lawyer, representing clients regularly in both jurisdictions in a variety of criminal issues.

Attorney Buddy Gissendanner is the legal friend you want on your side if in the unfortunately situation of being charged and arraigned in the criminal drug court system. And with both the federal and state law enforcement agencies increasing arrests on an ongoing basis, it’s very possible to get caught up in a bad situation by mistake. The Law Firm of Elton J. Gissendanner, III is dedicated to ensuring clients are fully represented and not treated like an assembly line case. The justice system works when people’s due process rights are fully protected, and Mr. Gissendanner’s service is dedicated to maintaining that principle, even when it is not popular with government marketing campaigns. His understanding of due process is what gives clients their best representation in the criminal court process, which is often geared towards expediency versus full review.