Auto Accidents


When someone is in an auto accident, it can leave a serious impact on their life. Being in an accident can cause a lot of stress. It can affect a person's ability to support their family. The overwhelming pressure of insurance companies calling and trying to figure out what doctor to go to can just stress a person out.

But there is no need to have to go through this confusing and difficult time alone. That is what our office is there for, to help you every step of the way from beginning to end.

Personal Injury in Florida

The most common personal injury that people can relate to is auto accidents. After being in an accident, Florida law gives you 14 days to seek medical treatment for the insurance company to make proper payments on your behalf. This process can be quite overwhelming for any one individual who is also trying to recover or help a loved one recover from an accident.

Hiring an attorney can help with this entire process from beginning to end. An attorney can open a claim, follow the treatment, follow the case and deal with the insurance on your behalf.