Client Reviews

Fights Hard for Justice

I am a board certified criminal trial lawyer, a defense attorney, and former prosecutor who has worked on numerous cases in many felony and misdemeanor charges With Mr. Gissendanner. Buddy has been a fighter for justice in many cases that I have both watched and participated in as an attorney. His advocacy and compassion for his clients’ situations are without parallel. Buddy Gissendanner will fight for you.

- (5 star review)

My First Choice

Mr. Gissendanner is not only excellent in is field, he is also very thoughtful with respect towards all of his clients. Offers only the best advice and works diligently for you at all times.

- (5 star review)

Instrumental in a Very Desirable Outcome

After an incident in Florida Mr. Gissendanner researched and handled my preliminary proceedings with little to no inconvenience or participation of me since I reside out-of-state. He was responsive, very informative, and honest & up-front of the potential outcome.

As things progressed and due to certain circumstances he wasted no time to advise that an additional attorney needed to be brought into the case and was very honest as to reasoning. He sought additional counsel and handled with utmost professionalism and clarity bringing him up to speed with the case.

His diligence and attention to detail was instrumental in a very desirable outcome to my case, which could have easily been very costly and career ending.

- (5 star review)